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Forensic psychology
Forensic psychology

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2.1 Evaluating the statements

Figure 7

To help you, two lists of potential evidence have been provided below, one to do with what happened and one about what the perpetrators looked like. Have a look through the lists and try to decide how reliable each piece of information is. Be sure to note down those statements you think might be accurate.

What happened

  • Lila confirms that the suspects drove up and jumped out of a car. (Lila)
  • The car was new, expensive, large and silver. It had four doors and the number plate was NG58 VXW. (Lila)
  • The car stopped 100 feet away. (Lila)
  • The crime easily lasted for 10 minutes. (Lila)
  • Seth confirms that the perpetrators jumped out of a car. (Seth)
  • The perpetrators waved guns around as they jumped out. (Seth)
  • Seth confirms the car was large and silver. (Seth)
  • The car was an Audi. (Seth)
  • There were four perpetrators, one who was a driver. (Lila)
  • Three of the perpetrators forced two security guards to the ground. (Lila)
  • One perpetrator, who was not wearing a mask, fought with a guard and hit him. (Lila)
  • The two masked perpetrators aimed guns at the guards, while the unmasked perpetrator cut free a case chained to one of the guards. (Lila)
  • The two masked perpetrators fired shots in the air. (Seth)
  • The two masked perpetrators made the two guards get out of their van. (Seth)
  • The kidnapper was the driver. (Seth)
  • The driver had a shotgun which he was firing in the air while shouting at Liz. (Seth)
  • Lila confirms the kidnapper was the driver. (Lila)
  • The driver dragged Liz back to the car, bundled her in and drove off. (Lila)

What the perpetrators looked like

  • The unmasked perpetrator had very curly, shoulder-length black hair. (Lila)
  • The unmasked perpetrator was about 5 foot 3 inches. (Lila)
  • The unmasked perpetrator was 22. (Lila)
  • The unmasked perpetrator was probably of Indian ancestry. (Lila)
  • The masked perpetrators were stocky and looked like bouncers. (Lila)
  • The perpetrators were dressed in dark jackets and army trousers. (Lila)
  • Seth confirms the unmasked perpetrator is Asian, about 20 and 5 feet 3 or 4 inches. (Seth)
  • Seth confirms that the perpetrators looked stocky and like bouncers. (Seth)
  • There was something odd about one of the masked perpetrators – they looked almost child-like or like a woman. (Seth)
  • The driver was a tall white guy. (Seth)
  • The driver had short hair. (Seth)
  • The driver was probably in his 30s. (Lila)
  • The driver was about 6 foot 4 inches. (Lila)
  • The driver was dressed like a soldier. (Lila)
  • The driver had a crew-cut hairstyle. (Lila)
  • The driver was wearing sunglasses and a cap. (Seth)