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Forensic psychology
Forensic psychology

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3.1 Evaluating the statements

Figure 12

To help you, two lists of potential evidence have again been provided below, one to do with what happened and one about what the perpetrators looked like. Have a look through the lists and try to decide how reliable each piece of information is. Be sure to note down those statements you think might be accurate.

What happened?

  • The car was silver and its number plate was NG58 VXW. (Lila)
  • The car was a large, silver Audi A6. (Seth)
  • There was shouting and three men with guns attacking a security van. (Lila)
  • There was a scuffle between one of the men and one of the guards. That man did not have a mask, but the others did. (Lila)
  • The unmasked robber forced one of the guards to the ground. He had a case attached to his wrist by a chain, and the guy started cutting through it to take the case. (Lila)
  • One of the robbers used a tool to cut the chain attaching a case to one of the guards. (Seth)
  • The car reversed into the street during the crime, at the point where one of the robbers grabbed Liz. (Lila)
  • At the start of the robbery, the car drove round a corner and the robbers jumped out. (Seth)
  • The driver shouted at the others and one of them grabbed Liz. (Lila)
  • After stealing the case, two of the robbers ran to the car and the third ran over to Liz and grabbed her. (Seth)
  • The driver probably grabbed Liz. (Seth)
  • Liz was kidnapped because she was trying to use her mobile phone, probably to call the police. (Seth)

What the perpetrators looked like

  • The unmasked robber was male, 22, with thick, curly shoulder-length hair, of Indian ancestry and 5 feet 9 inches. (Lila)
  • The unmasked robber had dark hair, darkish skin, was in his mid-30s and possibly from the Middle East. He was average height and build, perhaps a little slim. (Seth)
  • The unmasked robber was wearing a riot hat with a plastic screen that was knocked off when he was struggling with the guard. (Lila)
  • One of the guard’s helmets was knocked off while struggling with the robbers. (Seth)
  • The driver was not wearing a mask, was Caucasian, dressed in camouflage and in his early 30s, with short hair and about 5 feet 9 inches. (Lila)
  • There was something odd about the driver’s eyes; he was wearing really dark sunglasses with a silver frame and was also wearing a cap. (Seth)
  • The two masked robbers were of average height, both were quite stocky and wearing dark jackets and army trousers. (Lila)
  • The two masked robbers were wearing hoodies and dark trousers. One looked a little odd, possibly rounder than the others and almost feminine. (Seth)