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Can renewable energy sources power the world?
Can renewable energy sources power the world?

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11 End of course summary

In this final week of the course you examined some future energy scenarios showing how combinations of renewable sources could provide all, or most, of the energy needs of the United Kingdom, of other European countries, and of the world as a whole, during the first few decades of the 21st century.

In the preceding seven weeks, you looked in turn at the principal renewable energy sources, describing their underlying technologies, their economics, their environmental impact, and the contributions each might make to the energy needs of the UK, Europe and the world, under various conditions.

The technical, social and political challenges involved in phasing-out conventional fuels and replacing them largely, or entirely, with renewables seem formidable. it seems difficult to avoid the conclusion that renewables are likely to play a greatly increased role in future energy supplies. And if the optimists are correct, with sufficient support and encouragement from governments, industry and the public, renewable energy could power the world.

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