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Learn to code for data analysis
Learn to code for data analysis

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2.3 Your project

If you have time, extend my project to answer different questions or create your own project.

An image of a young man writing in a notebook at a desk in front of a brick wall.
Figure 10

Activity 1 Extend the project

Make a copy of the project notebook and change it to answer one or all of the following questions:

  • Which are the regular exporters, i.e. which countries sell every month both unprocessed and processed milk and cream to the UK?
  • Where could the export market be further developed, i.e. which countries import the least? Do the figures look realistic?
  • What is total amount of exports to and imports from the bi-lateral trade countries? Hint: pivot tables can have ‘marginal’ values.
  • Repeat the whole analysis for January–May 2014 and compare the results.

Activity 2 Create a project (optional)

If you have more time, create a completely new project. You could choose completely different commodities, a different reporter (e.g. your country), a different period (e.g. two or more full years), and only a few select partners (e.g. just the ‘World’ partner for a global analysis).