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Hybrid working: starting in the workplace

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Hybrid working: starting in the workplace
Starting in a new workplace – whether it’s your first 'proper' job after finishing your education, or the next step in developing your career – can be exciting and scary. If it’s a hybrid organisation, and your first day is in a remote location rather than a physical workplace, that can be even more disorientating. This course aims to help you navigate your new organisational culture, build relationships with your work colleagues in a hybrid environment, understand your employer’s expectations, and articulate your goals to meet or even exceed those expectations. You will be encouraged to reflect on your existing skills and experiences – in and outside work – and to consider how these could be adapted to, and developed in, your new hybrid workplace. Many of you will be used to sharing and engaging with others on social media platforms, so how can you translate these practices to workplace collaboration? There is a focus on digital capabilities and building confidence with technology, as well as tips on managing your wellbeing when working remotely, to enable you to thrive at work.

This course is part of the Supporting hybrid working and digital transformation collection, made possible by the Higher Educational Funding Council for Wales.

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Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • prepare yourself for finding a job in the hybrid workforce
  • prepare for your first day in the hybrid workplace
  • understand what is expected from a cultural perspective
  • recognise the digital skills you will need to work in the hybrid environment
  • collaborate with others in the hybrid workplace
  • manage your wellbeing and loneliness
  • make a difference and contribute further in the hybrid workforce.

First Published: 16/12/2022

Updated: 16/12/2022

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