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Managing my money for young adults

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Whether you’ve recently left school or are still studying, about to start on an apprenticeship or thinking about university, this course is for you.

This free course, Managing my money for young adults, covers everything you need to know to get you started on the new and exciting financial journey that lies ahead. It offers practical tips on what to start doing now and to continue doing as you progress on your chosen path. You can check your learning with the end-of-session quizzes and gain a badge so that you can share your achievement.

Video interviews feature money experts, including Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert. Plus there are real-life case studies featuring current students (both at school and university) and recent graduates who reflect on their experiences of living away from home for the first time while studying.

It even features a bespoke app which will help you to budget more easily and effectively, and step-by-step animations to guide you through tricky financial processes.

To get you started, watch the following video in which University Challenge contestant, maths teacher and radio presenter Bobby Seagull introduces the course. Bobby will feature throughout the course and help you to navigate the sessions and their resources.

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