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The Open University Worldwide: Track 1


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The Open University transforms lives. Millions have realised or expanded their potential through flexible education programmes allowing them to study whenever and wherever they choose. From short courses to degree–level study, the quality of The Open University’s teaching programmes and tutors is renowned and respected across the globe. The Open University has pioneered a unique distance education method called supported open learning, a radical alternative to traditional campus teaching. The Open University is open to new educational methods to support students from diverse backgrounds, taking full advantage of information and communication technologies, innovative learning media and teaching methods. Students are supported by a tutor and support staff, with well planned, structured courses using the best blend of learning media for the subject, including online methods where appropriate.

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 35 minutes
  • Updated Wednesday 7th October 2009

Track 1: The Open University Worldwide


Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 The Open University Worldwide NA Play now The Open University Worldwide
2 What is the OU? The Open University is one of the world’s largest universities. Through a pioneering teaching method called supported open learning, students can study for a recognised degree at a distance. Flexible and accessible education programmes enable students to transform their lives. Play now What is the OU?
3 Teaching at the Open University Open University course materials anticipate any issues students may encounter and include a blend of formats most suitable for the course, such as DVDs, books, CD-ROMs etc. These are supported by academic and pastoral student support through email, telephone, tutorials, online learning and group collaboration. Play now Teaching at the Open University
4 Research at the Open University Open University research provides a rich platform of intellectual capital to inform our teaching. It also makes a real difference across the world, to both people and places - adding value to society and the economy. Our multidisciplinary approach brings unique solutions. Examples given include space exploration, health diagnosis and volcano prediction. Play now Research at the Open University
5 Educational Technology at the Open University How can technology help students overcome barriers to their learning, such as lack of time? The Open University offers resources such as an online virtual learning environment, videoconferencing, discussion forums, an online library and the Virtual Microscope. Play now Educational Technology at the Open University
6 Teaching Quality at the Open University The Open University scores highly in student satisfaction surveys and is well respected by employers and professional bodies, thanks to rigorous quality control. Play now Teaching Quality at the Open University
7 OU Worldwide The Open University works in partnership with education organisations around the world, in countries such as Africa, China and Russia. Supported open learning enables universities to offer a high quality education to a large number of students, who have the option to work alongside part-time study. Play now OU Worldwide
8 OU Futures How might The Open University evolve with new technology, new trends within the internet and upcoming employment opportunities? Play now OU Futures
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