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Author: Simon Bell

Project Fear: Order your free graphic novel

Updated Tuesday, 27 June 2023
An uncertain world. Can systems thinking free us from fear? Simon Bell & Charles Cutting's graphic novel asks the question.

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We are all victims of fear. Project Fear has been with us for hundreds of years. So far, we have made little attempt to map fear or understand how it is used. Find out how fear is weaponised and targeted and how to avoid making things worse!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video, the graphic novel and the book are those of the author and not of The Open University. 


Project Fear, the graphic novel which the animation is based on is now available on OpenLearn. You can request a FREE copy of the novel or download an eBook version following this link here. You can also click on the cover image below and follow the instructions. 

The Project Fear cover
Order your free graphic novel here

Project Fear is based on Professor Simon Bell's recent book Formations of Terror. It is published by Cambridge Schorlars Publishing on March 2017. You can buy a copy from their website directly.
To celebrate and support the launch of Project Fear on OpenLearn, Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering OpenLearn users 20% discount for six months until the end of the year. You can redeem this discount by entering the code 'terror20' on the My Order page before proceeding through check out. 


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