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Systems Thinking: Diagramming Tutorials

Updated Monday, 28 June 2021
Explore a range of systems diagrams and learn how to draw them - from spray, rich picture, systems map, influence, multiple cause and sign.

Systems diagramming

Take a look at some of the generic diagramming teaching used in Open University courses. Systems thinking practitioners at the OU have supported and developed the use of a range of diagramming techniques as the principal tools through which visual modelling and communication can happen. The following diagramming techniques each have videos providing animated tutorials – one video describing What the technique is and at least one other video describing How to draw the diagram.

The ‘How to draw’ tutorials for Spray, Rich picture, and Systems map listed below are all related to a South African case study with a short summary on the Working for Water Programme (WWP) case study. You may like to read the short summary of the case study before looking at the first three tutorials listed below.


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