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Mathematics for science and technology

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Mathematics for science and technology
Mathematics for science and technology

Maths is intimately entwined with science and technology, whether it is used to analyse data collected on plants in the Amazon rainforest, to calculate the trajectory of a comet or design a bridge to connect two countries.  This means that science and technology go hand-in-hand with maths, and that a firm grasp of maths is crucial for studying any science and technology discipline.

This free course, Mathematics for science and technology, will help you build a stronger grip with the maths helping hand. You’ll learn about the power of algebra, get a sense of scientific notation, the beauty of basic trigonometry and why 70 db (decibels) is 10 times more powerful than 60 db. As well as this you will delve into scientific measurement, including the importance of units and the flexibility and practically of the SI – the internationally recognised system of units based on multiples of ten.


Mathematics for science and technology

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First Published: 13/07/2017

Updated: 20/01/2020

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