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Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019

Some of the material presented here is from The Open University BA (Honours) Business Management qualification, which Students with an HNC or HND in Business can transfer credit to.

Transferring credit from an HNC or HND reduces the time it will take to complete the BA (Honours) Business Management qualification. Visit our College Routes pages to find out more about making the most of your HNC or HND and working towards a degree with the Open University.




1. Different types of business

2. Understanding your sector

3. Working in diverse teams

4. Fundamentals of accounting

5. Sustainable innovations in enterprises

6. Business communication: writing a SWOT analysis

7. The importance of interpersonal skills

8. Developing career resilience

9. An introduction to business cultures

10. Introducing the voluntary sector

11. Products, services and branding

12. Retail marketing

13. The role of the manager 




1. Organisations and management accounting

2. Entrepreneurship - from ideas to reality

3. How to frame a business case

4. Human resources: recruitment and selection

5. Developing high trust work relationships

6. Business organisations and their environments: Culture




1. Communication, management and your own context

2. Making decisions

3. Technology, innovation and management

4. What is strategy?

5. Employment relations and employee engagement

6. Marketing in the 21st Century

7. Corporate responsibility for industrial incidents

8. Marketing communications as a strategic function

9. Creating an ethical organisation

10. Environmental factors and organisations

11. Social marketing

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