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Mo Vernon On Using Systems Thinking In Practice

Updated Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Mo Vernon speaks with Prof. Simon Bell about using systems thinking, diagramming and rich pictures.

Transcript (PDF document22.8 KB)

About Mo

Mo (Maureen) is an OU graduate, and also has an MBA and a Masters in Educational Management with the OU so she knows what it’s like to be an OU student! 

Mo is a long-standing Associate Lecturer at the OU and has been involved in systems thinking for many years, not just as an AL but also as a residential school tutor and Course Director and through consultancy work across a range of large and small organisations in the Public and Private sectors. She has used creative management and systems thinking ideas and approaches in a range of organisations to improve and develop their performance.  She currently teaches on the OU STiP modules. 

Mo enjoys walking (her three dogs), is keen gardener (okay she potters in the garden ….. okay to be honest she sits in the sun with a glass of something cold) and an avid reader. She also enjoys a game of scrabble and cryptic crossword puzzles.  On occasion she has been known to sing karaoke very badly and has won medals (many years ago) for disco dancing! If that wasn't enough, Mo is also a qualified dog trainer.

Mo comments on having a real kick when she gets at those light bulb moments, as they light up, go on, because she knows that what she is teaching will change people’s problem-solving thinking capabilities for the better.


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