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A woman's place is in the Union - a film by the EIS

In 2018 the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) began archiving the contributions of former women activists who played a key role in the disputes of the 1970s and 1980s

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This article belongs to the Women and Workplace Struggles: Scotland 1900-2022 collection.

Silhouettes of people holding a variety of protest banners

EIS banner. purple background, with EIS in white, edged in redFounded in 1847, the EIS is the oldest teaching union in the world. As the largest teaching union in Scotland, the EIS represents more than 60,000 members across all sectors of Education.

While going through the archives and past editions of the Scottish Educational Journal (SEJ) it became apparent that the contributions made by those women had not been appropriately archived or officially recognised at the time. In order to gather this important information before it was lost, we interviewed former EIS women members to get a better understanding of actions at the time and the lasting impacts.

This film is a short collection of these interviews, and a reflection of the activism at the time.


If you would like to contact the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) for more information, please email Pauline McColgan at or visit  

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