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Turn your bank holiday into a badged holiday

Updated Thursday, 28th April 2016

What are your plans for the long weekend? DIY? A trip to a windswept beach? Why not take your first steps towards earning a free badge instead...

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Young woman uses a tablet in the garden, surrounded by Starting with Maths badges Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Woman photo: © Victorpr | You could spend the bank holiday weekend starting a DIY project. Or trying to finish one of the DIY projects you started last spring. Or just trailing round a DIY superstore trying to remember what the thing that goes in the doodad that makes a door handle work is actually called.

You could sit in a traffic jam for an hour or two, before walking round a beauty spot or pebble-strewn beach looking for somewhere dry enough to sit down long enough to discover you've left the picnic at home.

Or... you could do something life-changing.

A couple of hours each day of the long weekend, and you can be well on your way to earning one of free badges. You'll build up some vital skills - in maths, or English,  or learning to study. And, when the course is completed, you can claim a badge to show off what you've achieved - on your OpenLearn profile, or on your social networks.

Get something out of the long weekend that's going to last longer than a half-painted shed, or a pile of sweet wrappers.

Free courses. Free learning. Free badges.

Turn your bank holiday into a badged holiday.




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