Multimedia Advocacy: Making plans with people with learning disabilities

Multimedia Advocacy: Making plans with people with learning disabilities
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      Welcome to the 'Multimedia Advocacy: Making plans with people with learning disabilities' course. This is an introductory course that introduces the principles of Multimedia Advocacy and its underlying theory.

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      Explain the principles and values underpinning self-advocacy.

      Understand what communication is and how Multimedia Advocacy aids communication.

      Understand the process of and methods used in a Multimedia Advocacy approach.

      Understand the issues of representation and their relevance to multimedia self-advocacy.

      Know how to create a RIX Wiki and add multimedia.

      Understand the various functions that a RIX Wiki could perform.

      Understand the issues of consent, privacy and security.

      Understand the vision of England's Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25.

      Understand the principles of person centred practice.

      Understand the range of person centred planning tools available.

      Use multimedia self-advocacy as a pedagogic tool.

      Understand the principles and values underpinning recent policy.

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    Course content

    • ExpandIntroduction

    • ExpandSession 1: Introduction and Overview

    • ExpandSession 2: Home and Family

    • ExpandSession 3: Entering Education

    • ExpandSession 4: Education and Learning

    • ExpandSession 5: Taking Control

    • ExpandSession 6: Entering Adulthood

    • ExpandSession 7: Independent Living

    • ExpandSession 8: Leadership

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      Alexander Webster

      Alexander Webster

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      Tanya Mclean

      UEL Advocacy Pathway

      Tanya Mclean19 March 2019 10:23

      Really informative and i think more social work students should take this pathway. The Content is very useful and practical.

      Soka Parker

      Multimedia Advocacy

      Soka Parker26 January 2019 8:51

      It was very helpful, I will definitely use the skills and knowledge in my future practice.

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    • 2 hours study
    • Level 0: Beginner
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    3.8 out of 5 stars

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