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Gosia Kwiatkowska, FHEA, is a Senior Lecturer and a researcher at the University of East London. She manages an the innovative RIX Research & Media centre and their numerous national and international research projects. Her major research interests focus on use of technology is education, health and social care to promote participation, equal opportunities and human rights for disadvantaged groups, primarily those with intellectual disabilities. Through research, training development and teaching, Gosia is dedicated to improving the lives of people of various abilities and helping those who work with those groups to personalise their services to meet their needs of their clients.

Kathryn Stowell has extensive experience of teaching in special education. She has taught students with PMLD, Complex Needs and ASD, in a variety of settings from early years to secondary schools. Kathryn is currently Head of Outreach and AAC and leading the multi-disciplinary communications team at Charlton Park Academy, where she has a particular interest in embedding person-centred, creative and inclusive practices. As part of her work Kathryn has championed the use of Wikis across the Academy, with students, their families and professionals. Seconded to a part-time advisory role in Havering, Kathryn also trains and supports those working with children who have speech, language and communication needs, focusing particularly on children who may benefit from high tech solutions for communication. 

The course was reviewed and edited by Prof. Jonathan Rix ( ) – a collaboration project with Open University and RIX Research and Media, University of Eeast Llondon.

Our thanks and appreciation to Jonathan Rix for his insight and useful comments and adaptions to make this an effective collaborative project.

The course is the result of the considerable knowledge and experience The RIX Research and Media has gained over its development and years of research. The RIX Wiki interface has become increasingly popular but what is as equally important to The RIX Research and Media is the process and skills required to use this platform so that the core values of RIX are upheld.

The RIX Research and Media gratefully acknowledges the openness of the young people, adults and families which have kindly shared their stories and media throughout this course

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The key presentations of

Andy Minnion

Andy Minnion is Professor of Media Advocacy and the Director of RIX Research and Media at the University of East London, a Centre that takes an inclusive co-production approach to research and development on access and use of digital media for people with intellectual disabilities. For over 10 years the RIX team have created and piloted software, working methods and implementation strategies for the use of the Web and multimedia as tools that can promote inclusion in partnership with people with disabilities and their families, their educators and health and care service providers across the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. Andy was awarded an MBE for ‘Services to the Education of People with Special Needs’ in the Queen’s Birthday Honours of 2012.

Samantha Goncalves

Sam Bergin Goncalves is a parent of a young person with Complex Needs living in South East London. Sam has previous professional experience delivering the Early Support Service in a neighboring London Borough and has also worked in a Conductive Education setting for 3 years.  Sam was a professional member of a Steering Group in a London Local Authority during the SEN Pathfinder phase and was a co-ordinator for EHCP keyworkers.  Sam is an active member of her local parent forum and is a Parent Consultant on Transition in the area.  Sam however feels her most valuable experience is as a parent navigating the Education, Health and Care systems to support her son obtain the best possible outcomes and is passionate about person centred practice and focusing on individual’s aAspirations.

Gosia Kwiatkowska

Kathryn Stowell

Charlie Minnon – animator and graphic illustrations -

Pen Mendonca – animation and graphic facilitator  -

Special thanks to the staff and students at Charlton Park Academy a centre of excellence with the use of multimedia self-advocacy.

Also The Tower Project partners with the RIX Research and Media for many years and pioneers in the developments of The RIX.

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