0.05 Task 2: How Might it Feel?

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Imagine you have just been told that you have MND: How do you feel? What are your concerns, questions and worries at this stage? Write them down so that you can refer back to them as you progress...

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Imagine you have just been told that you have MND: 
How do you feel? 
What are your concerns, questions and worries at this stage? 

Write them down so that you can refer back to them as you progress through this course. You do not have to have an answer for any of these questions at this stage: think about how it feels to not know the answers.

  1. Please post some of what you have written in this forum
  2. Compare your comments and thoughts with what others have written

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how i would feel to be diagnosed with MND29/06/22, 18:50
Valerie Hornsby
1Picture of Valerie HornsbyValerie Hornsby
how i would feel26/06/22, 20:44
virginia Cain
1Picture of virginia Cainvirginia Cain
MND24/06/22, 16:31
Neil Russell
1Picture of Neil RussellNeil Russell
how it might feel22/06/22, 14:27
Vicky Marshall
1Picture of Vicky MarshallVicky Marshall
How would I feel 21/06/22, 14:50
Samantha Burr
1Picture of Samantha BurrSamantha Burr
How would I feel to have mnd18/06/22, 14:06
Wendy Mitchell
1Picture of Wendy MitchellWendy Mitchell
How might it feel 15/06/22, 19:44
Darren Ducat
1Picture of Darren DucatDarren Ducat
how I would feel having MNDD10/06/22, 09:03
Gillian Campbell
1Picture of Gillian CampbellGillian Campbell
How I would feel?7/06/22, 14:07
Lyndsey Davidson
1Picture of Lyndsey DavidsonLyndsey Davidson
How would i feel 5/06/22, 12:00
Sarah Ramsay
1Picture of Sarah RamsaySarah Ramsay
How might i feel3/06/22, 13:07
sheena Milne
1Picture of sheena Milnesheena Milne
How would I feel26/05/22, 09:59
Stevie Halliburton
1Picture of Stevie HalliburtonStevie Halliburton
Being told i had MND24/05/22, 17:27
Stella Van Santen
1Picture of Stella Van SantenStella Van Santen
How would I feel if i was told i have MND23/05/22, 18:01
laura Carty
2Picture of Gay watersGay waters
How i would feel if diagnoised with MND23/05/22, 09:47
Casey Purvis
1Picture of Casey PurvisCasey Purvis
How I might feel18/05/22, 21:45
Amanda Young
1Picture of Amanda YoungAmanda Young
How does it feel having MND1/05/22, 07:14
Kristin Dacre
1Picture of Kristin DacreKristin Dacre
How Might it Feel?22/04/22, 12:35
Jacob Snape
1Picture of Jacob SnapeJacob Snape
how it might feel14/04/22, 20:45
Tania McNeil
1Picture of Tania McNeilTania McNeil
Frightening 7/04/22, 18:13
Nicola Hubert
1Picture of Nicola HubertNicola Hubert

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