0.05 Task 2: How Might it Feel?

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Imagine you have just been told that you have MND: How do you feel? What are your concerns, questions and worries at this stage? Write them down so that you can refer back to them as you progress...

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Imagine you have just been told that you have MND: 
How do you feel? 
What are your concerns, questions and worries at this stage? 

Write them down so that you can refer back to them as you progress through this course. You do not have to have an answer for any of these questions at this stage: think about how it feels to not know the answers.

  1. Please post some of what you have written in this forum
  2. Compare your comments and thoughts with what others have written

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MND1/06/23, 13:29
Gemma Heaton
1Gemma Heaton
Tags: mnd
30/05/23, 21:21
Caitlyn Wykes
1Caitlyn Wykes
MND diagnosis 28/05/23, 12:41
Pamela Threlfall
1Pamela Threlfall
mnd27/05/23, 15:08
alex Warmington
1alex Warmington
My family25/05/23, 18:37
Sanya Grimshaw
1Sanya Grimshaw
Shocked and horrified 23/05/23, 12:19
Victoria Hakes
1Victoria Hakes
MND Diagnosis 23/05/23, 09:50
Olivia Whittaker
1Olivia Whittaker
When I am informed that I have MND20/05/23, 13:55
Mary Boateng
1Mary Boateng
Tags: mnd
19/05/23, 14:24
Amandah Muchengeti
1Amandah Muchengeti
Tags: mnd
17/05/23, 19:08
Michelle Barnes
1Michelle Barnes
How I would feel15/05/23, 23:26
Emma Berry
1Emma Berry
How is feels15/05/23, 14:35
Barbara Kucharczyk
1Barbara Kucharczyk
How might I feel11/05/23, 19:21
Cait McCreadie
1Cait McCreadie
MND11/05/23, 15:58
Agnes Osarrh Idam
1Agnes Osarrh Idam
MND diagnosis11/05/23, 12:57
scarlett Small
1scarlett Small
MND11/05/23, 12:27
Bulelani Mustapha
1Bulelani Mustapha
Distressing 10/05/23, 13:49
Blandina Musikavanhu
1Blandina Musikavanhu
Diagnosis of MND and feeling of it8/05/23, 17:52
Mary Boateng
1Mary Boateng
MND7/05/23, 14:18
Ingrid Whittaker
1Ingrid Whittaker
How it feels 5/05/23, 07:33
Wioletta Antropik
2Rebecca Gaskell

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