0.07: The Multidisciplinary Team

Introducing the importance and structure of the multidisciplinary team that is put in place to support people with MND, other health and social care professionals that may be involved, and your role as part of that team.

MND is complex. It needs a team of health and social care professionals to provide support and care for people living with MND.

This group of professionals is often referred to as the ‘multidisciplinary team’.

As a Care Worker, you are part of this team.

The diagram below shows your role highlighted amongst the broad range of health and social care professionals that may be involved in any person with MND's multidisciplinary support team.

Image showing the MDT around someone with MND, with care workers highlighted

The importance of the Care Worker

You are the member of the multidisciplinary team that sees the person with MND most frequently so you have a unique relationship with them. You have the opportunity to build and maintain the person’s trust as you provide their care. You may also have regular contact with their family/unpaid carers. Family and unpaid carers have intimate expert knowledge of how MND is affecting the person you are caring for that they can share with you. For all these reasons you have good chance to look and listen. This means you may:

  • spot changes and early signs
  • report early signs
  • get help and support in place more quickly.

Further Reading

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