How do I move through pages in a presentation?

You will find that many sections of the course are in a presentation format (a little like a slide show). Use the navigation bar at the bottom to control it:

navigation bar image

To view it full screen (recommended), click (or touch on a mobile device) the expand arrows on the right. Click it again (or hit 'Esc' on a PC) to return.

To change pages:

  • On a mobile device, just swipe left or right
  • On a desktop, each 'block' on the horizontal line represents a page, so you can click on any section to take you to that page, or
  • Click the left or right arrows on either side of the page number information beneath the horizontal line
There should also be a link to open the content in another tab if you have problems viewing it (or even seeing it!)

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 3:51 PM