0.04 Task 1: What is it Like to Have MND?

This task will encourage you to think about how day-to-day life is affected for people living with MND.

Look at these five everyday things and discover how it affects people living with MND. You may find it useful to write notes for each one that you can come back to and reflect on as you progress through the course:

Person with thought bubble1. Swallowing

Before you eat your next meal, take a good, long look at the food. Inhale deeply and appreciate the aroma. Now, imagine never being able to eat that, or any other food, for the rest of your life.

2. Breathing

Recall a time when you have went for a jog or dived into a swimming pool. Remember the feeling of breathlessness. Imagine feeling like that just sitting in a chair at rest.

3. Moving

Imagine picking up a bag of potatoes. Now imagine it's your fork and you have to move it from your plate to your mouth repeatedly.

4. Thinking

Sit in a chair for just 15 minutes moving nothing but your eyes. Nothing. No speaking, no scratching your nose, no shifting your weight, no changing the channel on the television, no computer work. Only your eyes. As you sit, imagine. This is your life. Your only life.

5. Communicating

Try to live one day of your life without speaking and see how you get on.

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