Week 1: Your digital life


This week, you will be thinking about how you use the internet in everyday life, and how far technology affects the way you do things.

But firstly, why is ‘digital’ so important? Here are a few reasons.

“Enabling digital transformation, digital government, digital trade and innovation to develop a digital economy across all sectors for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development.”

(Digital Economic Development Committee, 2017)

Today you can make payments using mobile apps such as KBZ or CB Pay if you prefer not to carry lots of cash in your pocket, or you can make online payments when ordering goods online. In the near future, technology will influence every area of your life and the speed of change is getting faster and faster.

Your fluency in digital skills is increasingly essential for day-to-day activities at work too, or for getting a better job.

Throughout the course you will be asked to fill in a reflective journal to:

  • record the knowledge and skills that you have learned
  • note how you will use these skills in future.

The reflective journal is structured to guide your reflections during each section and will help you review your progress.

The reflective journal is included at the end of this document.

At the end of this week you will have:

  • identified and reflected on your current use of online technologies
  • thought about how confident you are online
  • started your reflective journal

You will be accompanied throughout your journey by Kyaw Win, a 20-year-old distance education university student. Kyaw Win lives in Mawlamyine, the fourth largest city in Myanmar. He is studying English as his major and is now in his final year and is taking this course because he wants to improve his digital skills in order to get a better job. He will share his reflections with you and how he is putting what he has learned into practice each week. You will also meet Mon Mon, a mother of young children who doesn’t want to be technologically left behind by her children, Zin Min Thant, a businessman who wants to reconnect with his engineering background, and Banjar, a young chef with a passion for football, at certain points in the course in order to have a wider understanding of the digital lives of your fellow citizens.

1 The importance of being digital