Week 8: Continuing your digital journey


Welcome to Week 8, the final week of Digital Skills: Succeeding in a digital world. You are almost at the end of the course and your Statement of Participation is within reach!

Last week you considered what advice you might give to Banjar and Zin Min Thant. This week is all about reviewing your own reflective journal, identifying the key things you have learned, and putting in place some practical steps to take over the next few months.

You will also have the opportunity to think about what you will do next in terms of learning opportunities, with a view to continuing your journey as a learner in a digital world.

By the end of this week, you should have:

  • reflected on your journey over the eight weeks of this course
  • identified, as part of a personal development plan (your reflective journal), some steps for moving forward.

1 Taking stock