Week 2: Getting up and running


Nowadays, being competent in digital skills is part of many job requirements in Myanmar. The experience of living through the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 saw many people working from home and organising meetings virtually using technologies such as Zoom and Skype. Social media also enabled people to stay in touch with friends and families who they couldn’t see. The Coronavirus revealed how important digital skills are to enable us to stay connected, to live our lives and continue to work.

How can you build the skills needed to succeed in a digital world?

During Week 1 you had an opportunity to think about how you use the internet and social media. You made a note of a few of the online tools and apps you use.

This week you will be finding out about the skills you need to be effective in a digital world. You will find out how to improve what you do online and the way you do it, from finding information to communicating and collaborating with other people.

You will be given an opportunity to assess how confident you are in a range of skills. You will also be introduced to resources designed to help you develop your skills, which you can add to your reflective journal.

By the end of this week, you will be able to:

  • describe what digital skills means
  • understand how digital skills can support distance and online study, for example, through OpenLearn
  • identify which skills you need to develop to be an effective online learner.

Information in a digital age