Session 2 The nature of innovative agricultural advisory services

Group of farmers and advisors talking in a field

This second session looks at agricultural advisory services and how innovation plays a part in them. Watch the following video for a quick overview of this before moving on to the next section.

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This session reviews the roles and relationships between innovation practices and knowledge exchange as seen by the different actors in what are called agricultural knowledge and innovation systems. And it reviews how these roles and relationships can be accommodated within a Living Lab. Farmers and their advisors are subject to a complex set of pressures and influences.

There are the policy objectives to both achieve more efficient food production and be environmentally sustainable. Then there are the developments in both knowledge and innovative technologies arising from publicly funded and commercial research. There are the public opinions about both agricultural policies and practices reported in media.

And finally, there are the opinions and interests of the farmers and advisors themselves. To respond to all these influences, it is necessary to understand the different perspectives of these actors.

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Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS)