Session 5 The facilitation of Living Labs

Living Lab facilitators and monitors at an AgriLink workshop

Facilitation was a critical feature of the AgriLink Living Labs. First, watch the following video which introduces facilitation and then move on to the next section to do the reflective activity.

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A Living Lab does not run itself. While it's a participatory process, someone needs to take responsibility for ensuring that activities are planned and run effectively. For the process to be creative, someone also needs to help people to engage with the complexity of the situation and draw out insights from the different perspectives of those involved.

This is not about dictating to others what should happen, but in consulting with them as to what needs to be done, how, when, and by whom. This is where facilitation becomes important to ensure active user involvement and stakeholder engagement.

So in this session we look at what facilitation is in principle and look at some examples of facilitation within AgriLink's Living Labs.

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What is facilitation?