2.3.1 Who are my core learners?

When thinking about the intended audience of your course, consider the following questions:

  1. What is likely to be their geographical location for studying this course and what assumptions can I make about them? If your audience is likely to be in a remote location, you may consider the use of alternative formats (downloadable) that are versions of your course that can be studied offline. You should also consider cultural sensitivity if providing real-world examples.
  2. What prior knowledge should I assume of my learners? (This should be made clear at the outset.)
  3. What tools will my learners have available to them to study (tablets, paper only, desktop, any/all modern tools for accessing learning online)?
  4. When do I expect them to be studying (during their lunchbreak, grabbing an hour in the evening here and there, in a dedicated classroom setting, in a work environment, etc.)?

2.3.2 Gathering resources – human or online