6 Assessment for open online courses


In an open online course, it is likely that you are going to want to include an element of assessment, whether informal or formal.

This session of the course covers the type of assessment you might want to use on your open online course and gives some practical tips on how to add assessment to your course successfully.

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Anna Page
This session is all about assessment. You’ll explore the reasons you might want to provide some sort of assessment activity for your course and the different types of assessment which work well in an open online environment. You’ll also find out which types are best avoided, especially if your course has no tutor or moderator support.
Choosing the right methods of assessment to suit the purposes of the course, and designing activities which are effective in an online environment is a useful skill to develop. Even if you have previous experience of assessment, perhaps drafting complete examination papers in a formal face to face setting or devising informal assessment activities in a classroom, you may not have compiled an interactive quiz or an online activity before.
This session explores formative and summative assessment, reflection in assessment, peer and self assessment. You’ll also find out about the various Moodle tools which can enable you to challenge learners to really absorb the materials and concepts in the course, resulting in deeper learning.
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6 Assessment for open online courses
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6.1 Why assess an open online course?