9 Testing your course


The end is nearly in sight! When you have written all your content, procured your images, finalised your audio and video, and have your assessment in place (including testing your quiz and setting up your badge if relevant), you will want your course to undergo some final quality control checks before you make it live.

In the following audio recording Hannah Parish introduces the session.

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Hannah Parish
It’s extremely important to have a fresh pair of eyes review your course before you make it live. This penultimate session of the course provides advice on carrying out a final round of checks.
As well as having someone review your content for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, you might also find it helpful to have a learner or group of learners test specific aspects of your course. For example, do all external links work? Are all your videos and audio recordings working and subtitled? Is the course accessible to learners using a screenreader?
You may also decide to run a full pilot of the course, in which a pilot learner or pilot learners test the course as a whole. This might be especially useful if you have a badge associated with the course.
These checks will ensure that you have an accurate, consistent and robust course.
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9 Testing your course
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9.1 Final review of content