5 Writing and editing your course


After deciding that you want to create an open online course and carefully considering the purpose, intended audience and type of course you want to produce, it is time to put pen to paper and begin to write. You may intend for your course to depend heavily on third-party resources or you may be creating a course containing only entirely new content. Whatever your type of course, there is likely to be writing involved and editing required.

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Figure 1 Starting a course from scratch.

This session of the course builds on earlier sessions by looking in more depth at the types of activities you might like to include. You will then go on to consider how best to structure your course and make the content as clear as possible for the learner. You will also look at the process of writing content and then getting that content reviewed, possibly by an editor.

Listen to the following audio recording in which Jane Roberts introduces the session.

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5 Writing and editing your course.
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5.1 Early planning: learning design activities