10 Publishing and publicising your course


This session outlines the steps you may wish to consider to promote and evaluate your course when it is ready to published.

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Patrina Law
This session introduces the key tasks associated with publishing and publicising your course. Amongst other things, we focus on search engine optimisation – or SEO for short – the art of being found by search engines.
If time was not on your side and you had to focus on one aspect of SEO alone, it would be getting your title right. Search engines will hone in on titles and headings as meaningful descriptors of content. For example, a simple title like ‘Beginners maths’ is likely to perform better in search engine rankings than ‘Maths and statistics for those new to the subject’, because users are more likely to search using that phrase.
Similarly, the headings that you write will be weighted and pulled out more favourably than text within a paragraph. So, keep SEO in the back of your mind when you are constructing your headings, if the findability of your course is important to you.
Other metadata and so-called ‘alt text’ can be added later if you’re up against it. And indeed these things are discussed in detail this session.
In summary, keep your title short and relevant, your headings pithy and meaningful, if it’s the only thing you have time to do to assist in the promotion of your course.
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10 Publishing and publicising your course
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