6.5.1 Choice tool

The ‘choice’ tool can be used for simple polling on options, with some generic feedback for each question and the results of the poll displayed afterwards. This can show learners what others chose compared to their choice.

For example:

Measure your environmental impact

Answer the questions below and assess your environmental impact compares to others who have taken this course.

Answer the questions (multiple choice questions with generic feedback at the end of each discussing the extent to which your behaviour might have an impact on the environment)

View other responses (percentage responses for each option in each question, along with some generic feedback)

This type of polling activity can be an effective method of encouraging learners to reflect on their views in comparison with those of others, acting as a stepping stone to the next piece of content in the course and opening up their minds to other possibilities or new avenues to explore.

6.5 Moodle tools for online assessment

6.5.2 Questionnaire tool