10.2.1 Preparing your content

Carefully consider what search terms a user will use to find your course. These can be single words but are more useful if they are short phrases that reflect the content and its learning objectives. Be as specific and accurate as you can.

Some examples of search terms for different courses:

  • Introduction to maths
  • Speaking basic French
  • Renaissance art
  • Understanding depression
  • Teaching secondary mathematics

While most search engines now ignore the meta keywords field, the list of search terms you have created will make it quicker and easier to optimise your content.

Providing a good summary for a course that draws out the key aspects is important for SEO as well as a hook for your learners. The advice provided to staff at The Open University who are developing materials for OpenLearn suggests that the course summary need be no more than 50 words. Within this, we advise that it contains the phrase ‘This free course, ...’ followed by the course name.

10.2 Search engine optimisation and course ‘findability’

10.2.2 Optimising your content