1 Water supply options


In the following video you'll be looking at the water resource options in water-scarce parts of the world where freshwater supply is limited. Watch the video and then answer the question below.

Video 1 Water supply optionsVideo player: 1a%20Water%20supply%20options.mp4

Transcript:  https://www.open.edu/openlearncreate/mod/page/view.php?id=161925

Question 1: 
Which of these two options − municipal water reuse or seawater desalination − would you imagine is the least expensive to run and why?

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To determine the energy usage, it's first important to understand the key process operating parameters, starting with the fundamental units. You'll next look at how these individual processes work, and what contributes to their running costs, starting with the fundamental parameters which define water process operation. 

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