1.3. Pa Haramba


Once the dancers perfect their Kandyan posture, they move on to learn the 12 Pa Haramba steps. The Dandiyama was used to practice these steps as the dancers held onto the bamboo pole during their training and so Pa Haramba steps are also known as Dandiyame Haramba - bar steps.  

Each of the Pa Haramba steps have a different speed and are typically practiced accompanied by a Thaalampata - cymbals. 

There are 3 main paces of speed: 

  • Slow pace - Vilamba Laya 
  • Medium pace - Madya Laya 
  • Fast pace - Drutha Laya 

Pa Haramba exercises

The dancers will learn their first Pa Saramba step by stamping each foot on the ground, repeating the stanza of this first exercise in Mandiya. This first exercise trains the dancer to gain the strength and endurance to be in the Kandyan resting position, while increasing the moving ability of lower limbs on par with the main three paces of speed.