Resources: Planner Examples

In this section, you will find a planner, which you can customise for each week of the semester, and a planner that will detail your key deadlines throughout the semester. Using these planners together will give you an overview of your semester and will allow you to effectively plan your weekly workload to ensure you meet your deadlines. A good idea is to timetable a few slots throughout your week where you can revisit specific parts of your online and/or on-campus lectures to consolidate your learning. 

Of course, if for some reason you have to miss a lecture (either online or in-person), then you can use this slot to catch up on a missed lecture with a lecture recording. Whilst attending a live lecture is most effective, it is preferable to catch up using a lecture recording than not at all. Remember that attending a live lecture might mean going to the lecture hall with your peers, or it might mean getting online to watch your lecture as your lecturer delivers it. Keep on top of your workload around your weekly lectures by planning ahead!

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