A Case Study - MNDA

The Motor Neurone Disease Association currently have two courses hosted on OpenLearn Create:

Jennifer Bedford, Head of Partnerships Education and Information with the MND Association, and Simon Thompson, a volunteer who has been working with the MNDA to develop online learning material for the last few years, were kind enough to agree to an interview conducted by Tom Briggs, the creator of this course.

In the following video Jennifer introduces the idea behind their courses.

Does anything Jennifer says ring true with your own organisation’s goals and vision?

She mentions that one of the courses is “bringing NICE guidelines [for MND] to life.” NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines are evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees for the purposes of improving health and social care: NICE Guidance: Motor Neurone Disease.

To do:

Is there anything similar for your field of work that may provide frameworks for the development of your own courses? Make a note of any documents, guidelines or frameworks that might provide inspiration and structure for future courses.

Why Online Learning?

In the next video, Jennifer discusses the reasons for wanting to develop an online course in the first place - regardless of where it is hosted and how it is accessed.

While you watch, make notes on the MNDA’s key motivations for developing this kind of provision.

To do:

Look at your notes and highlight any reasons that might also be relevant to your own organisation.

Why OpenLearn Create?

We’ll come across Jennifer and Simon again later in the course talking about some other aspects of the MNDA’s courses, but before moving on here’s another section of the interview in which they give reasons why they decided on OpenLearn Create as the site to host them.

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