Rules & Regulations

There are some key statements from OpenLearn Create's FAQs which we've extracted and posted here as they contain important information related to things which could potentially result in a course being deleted:

"We regularly monitor the courses which are being published on OpenLearn Create and reserve the right to remove or unpublish any course which contains content we deem not appropriate for an educational site, including direct marketing, plagiarised or offensive material. Please do not publish courses on OpenLearn Create which market commercial activities (especially those unrelated to education) or promote essay writing services."

"Your role as a course owner is granted when you set up a course on OpenLearn Create for other users to study.  This gives you access to basic course configuration functionality but does not give you access to learner data of those who study your course or enhanced course configuration functions.  In the event that you request and are granted enhanced roles (course manager or teacher roles) which allow you to manage your course and view learner data for those enrolled on your course, you will be required to sign a declaration form.  The OpenLearn Create Data Protection Declaration form you sign requires you to agree to comply with the roles and responsibilities applicable to data management of the course(s) for the safe handling of user data within General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)."

"Using diagnositic, practice or graded quizzes in a course on the site requires enrolment, which means the user needs an OU account. If your course requires learners under the age of 16 to use quizzes or other interactive tools, you must provide clear information to parents, teachers and children explaining the requirement to create and use an OU account with parental or guardian consent and you must point them to the FAQ guidance on how to delete their account if it is no longer required."

View the Open University's Website Policies & Statements.

It is also important to note (and we'll cover this again later) that if your course includes discussion forums you must moderate them. This is something that needs to be agreed to before you can publish a course.
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