Innovating for change


Often in education we conceive of the process of change as involving ‘action planning’, whereby we set targets, and judge ourselves successful or not in relation to achieving these targets. However, this can feel very linear, and tensions can arise when ‘real-life’ interferes with the action plan aims. Equally we might feel that the action plan creates a series of micro-actions that don’t change the underlying culture or practices in the way we hoped, and we can feel a sense of failure. Therefore, instead of an action plan, we will create a ‘game plan’ – which instead of being a set of fixed actions, is about creating the conditions to support us experiment, play, try and change our aims in response to our environment. 

  Activity: Game planning your next steps (20 mins)

Either use one of the example game plan templates below or devise your own format. Avoid using tables or flow charts (which promote fixed, linear ways of working towards a goal) and make it as inviting and easy to engage with as possible. You may consider using your game plan as a poster to share with colleagues. Simple is often best! 

To help you fill out your game plan, use the following prompts: 

  • Write down as simply as you can what you are aiming for, using your provocative proposition.  

  • Note down what initial step you (or each of you) are going to commit to taking. These will be small interventions not larger actions – just something to set this process in motion. 

  • Describe what you hope or imagine your future practices will look, sound and feel like in a few words. 

  • What environments, resources, materials do you need to be able to take action? 

  • What is already in place to support you? 

  • What permissions or support do you need and from whom, to be able to act, respond and/or improvise as the game plan proceeds? 

  • Who else needs to be involved in the action to make it successful? 

  • How will you know if things are moving forwards? 

  • How will you evidence what happens as a result? 


What might this look/ feel like? Stages / tasks? How we know things are going well. What else we need to pay attention to. 


What are we aiming for? What will it look like? What resources? Who needs to be involved? What's already helping? Success? 

Whilst your game plan will have some specific actions, it is important to remember that you are not trying to capture everything that will happen – you need to leave space for responding and improvising to what happens along the way, focusing instead on the conditions we need for us to act. 

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