In this course you have been introduced to an Appreciative Approach to reflecting on professional learning and generating the conditions to imagine and work towards different future practices as a result. In doing so, you have told stories, written ‘I wonder…’ statements, created a provocative proposition, started a game plan and thought about capturing evaluations alongside your innovations. While this course has focused on professional learning as event(s) or experiences, many different modes of professional learning exist, and this course can be used with any of them. For example, it could be used with a particularly powerful social media post, or image, or magazine article. It could be used with a particular innovation around curriculum content as much as it can be used around pedagogical or pastoral approaches. The generative potential of starting from the positive (things that currently work well or things which feel exciting or interesting) has much to offer in embedding change within educational contexts.  

Two hands covered in paint

Having worked through the activities in this course, please now complete the end of course quiz in order to receive your badge and participation certificate. 

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