Re-immersing. Is this the dream?


Evaluation is often considered to be a finishing action, something that happens at the end, from beyond the project. Instead, an appreciative process, focuses our attention on the constant processes of adapting and improvising towards our imagined future practice by constantly re-immersing ourselves in the changes as they develop. 

A water splash rising up from a larger body of water.

Therefore, it is useful to capture things that feel important, emotional responses and connections as close to events as possible, rather than waiting until an ‘end point’. As you begin to make changes to your practices as a result of the professional learning you undertook, you may therefore want to establish a process of ‘dream catching’ as explained in the next activity.  

Note: if you have only just begun to reflect on your professional learning, you may need to return to this activity later.  

          Activity: Dream-catching (20mins)   

  1. Identify an experience or sequence of actions that has happened as a result of your professional learning and that you feel is moving you towards your provocative proposition.  

  1. Write ‘Is this the dream?. Spend five minutes free writing about the event or experiences, focusing on how you feel, how you responded in the moment (physically, emotionally), how you now feel about the event and how you feel it moved towards the future practices you have set out towards. 

  1. Devise a way to capture your responses to this question regularly as you proceed 

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