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Updated Wednesday 14th June 2017

The BBC, in partnership with The Open University, has brought back Tomorrow's World to discover how our lives are changing with advancements in science.

Tomorrow's World Logo Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC BBC Tomorrow's World has partnered with leading UK science institutions, including The Open University, to discover how our lives will be inspired and changed by science. To celebrate this, we've curated some of our most popular learning resources - from articles on whether robots should have rights, to explainers on how gene editing could improve our health in future, to OU research that's landed us on a comet - we've got it covered. 

We're also co-producing a number of programmes with the BBC for Tomorrow's World, including Britain's Greatest Invention and Horizon: 10 Things You Need to Know about the Future. In the meantime, enjoy an abundance of FREE learning on the ever-changing world of science:

How is my life changing?

How is my world changing?

How is my health changing?

Tomorrow's World - Upcoming OU co-productions

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Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Open University
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60-Second Adventures in Astronomy

Ever wondered where the Universe came from? Or more importantly, where it's headed? Voiced by David Mitchell, this series of 60 second animations examines different scientific concepts from the big bang to relativity, from black holes to dark matter. The series also explores the possibility of life beyond Earth and considers why David Bowie is still none the wiser about life on Mars.

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Measure the Pulfrich Effect

Using the Pulfrich Effect, it's possible to calculate the difference in speed in how quickly your eyes communicate with your brain. Why not have a go?

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A poster boy for academic research

When it comes to academic posters a snappy title and some eye catching images help in getting a complex message across

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Be a Lab Rat

Try some experiments for yourself - we've got some simple Lab Rats science for you to try


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