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Researching Professional Development Framework

Updated Thursday, 30th July 2020
Welcome to the Researching Professional Development Framework interactive tool, designed to support your development on the Professional Doctorate programmes.

The framework consists of three overarching themes broken down into a further nine development areas to encourage you to:

  • think about your ongoing development as a researching professional
  • identify actions to support your development during the forthcoming Professional Doctorate year
  • document these on your Researching Professional Development Plan
  • discuss them with your supervisors
  • evaluate your progress at the end of the year.

First, click on each of the three overarching themes – which form the outer ring of the framework  – for an overview of what each theme contains. Next, click on each of the nine development areas and engage with their content. We suggest that you read through the content of each area once, think about any implications for you, then complete the relevant section of your Researching Professional Development Plan. There is a link to a blank plan at the bottom of each page. We recommend that you download the plan only once and save it to your own device. You can then edit your plan as you work your way through the framework resources.

The content in the tool is the result of interviews with four students and five graduates (five women and four men) whose research covers a variety of topics from across the Professional Doctorate programme and who come from locations within and outside the UK.


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