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Free course

Literacy, social justice and inclusive practice

Free statement of participation on completion
Literacy, social justice and inclusive practice

This free course, Literacy, social justice and inclusive practice, explores some of the tensions and debates linked to the aim of achieving literacy for all, using specific examples. It focuses on current significant debates related to the teaching of the technical aspects of literacy to a ‘sufficient standard’ and debates related to becoming a ‘literate person’. In particular it looks at the way these debates and their implicit conceptualisations of literacy have the potential to both enhance and limit literacy engagement and learners’ participation in the world.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand key concepts associated with the study of literacy
  • recognise some of the contested positions in relation to literacy
  • understand issues associated with a global agenda for literacy for all
  • understand that literacy can be seen as a cultural activity and that its significance is historically situated.

First Published: 06/04/2016

Updated: 22/08/2016

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