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South Asian heritage as a facilitator for developing identity and community

Updated Tuesday, 25 July 2023

What is South Asian heritage and how is it promoted through community? Manfusa Shams looks more at South Asian identity in this article.

What is South Asian heritage?

South Asian heritage is characterised by unique traditions, beliefs, ideology, customs and ongoing practice from generations to generations. This is deeply rooted in a cultural context, connected by diverse geographical landscapes, celebrated as specialities of everyday living, and providing means, purpose and goals of South Asian communities. South Asian heritage is not contained in a geographical location, but its live presence is evident among South Asians living in every corner of the world. The legacy of South Asian heritage is thus maintained and promoted, which facilitates South Asian identity development for new generations. 

How is South Asian heritage facilitating the formation of South Asian identity?

saffron and other spices

South Asian identity development requires conscious efforts, understanding and the acceptance of traditions, values and customs embedded in a cultural heritage, nourished by the continuous support from both within and outside the ethnic community. The positive effect of maintaining culture-specific heritage serves as an impetus to develop heritage-focused identity which can only be exhibited in behaviour if it is valued and shared. South Asian heritage has thus facilitated the formation of South Asian identity because it is valued and shared among South Asians across the world, and has even invaded other cultural practice to establish the powerful South Asian heritage as an option for constructive thinking and healthy living, e.g., South Asian food has empowered the South Asian community due to its high demand across the world. South Asian identity as such is continuously evolving to provide South Asian heritage a sustainable ground for procreation and preservation. 

South Asian identity as a platform for South Asian community

A gradual phase of identity development fosters the development of a community as values, traditions and customs are distributed to encourage others of similar ethnic backgrounds to further share and facilitate the dissemination of practice on the common heritage ground. This ongoing transfer of values, traditions and customs can strengthen the heritage to transform into a community with a specific focus on preserving the heritage through living practice and social interaction.

South Asian identity is supporting South Asian communities to thrive, and to celebrate their glorious heritage which is both a resource for knowledge and an option for healthy living.



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