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Parent and guardians: Your questions answered

Updated Wednesday, 18 October 2023

From UCAS applications through to finding the right student halls, there are so many aspects to supporting someone as they start university. Alexandra Roberts from the University of South Wales is here to answer your questions. 

Tips for the application process

Wondering how you can get involved and support with the application process? In this video, Alexandra offers practical advice for how you can help your young person with the decision-making process, from attending open days through to UCAS applications.

Tips for supporting the applicant

Moving away from home and starting university can be a huge, life-changing step. Alexandra offers tips to encourage new students to integrate into the university community, from joining social media support groups, accessing additional support and selecting the right student halls. 

Tips for belonging and community

One of the biggest concerns for parents and guardians is whether their young person will feel a sense of belonging when they move away to university. In this video Alexandra offers practical ways to get involved so they feel part of the community before they arrive and as they are settling in. 

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This resource was provided by the University of South Wales and is part of the University Ready hub.

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