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Writing essays

Updated Tuesday, 6 April 2021
This study guide is about writing essays. The dissertation is used as an assessment technique in a variety of academic disciplines, as part of coursework and in examinations. Essays are the most common topic of discussion when students consult each other.

To create a quality essay you need to demonstrate your ability:

  • to understand the exact task the title sets;
  • to identify the appropriate materials to read;
  • to understand and weigh that material;
  • to select the most relevant material for reference in your essay;
  • to effectively combine the material from your various sources;
  • to correctly acknowledge all sources;
  • to form an effective argument;
  • and to come to a firm conclusion.

The demand for using such a wide choice of academic skills is probably the main reason for seeing tutors favor essays as an assignment format.

The word limit adds to the challenge by requiring the student to evidence all these skills without writing more than a relatively small number of words. Being able to create a clear and concise piece of written work without using too many words is an important skill in itself. And it will be a useful skill in many aspects of life beyond the walls of the university.


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