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Free course

Exploring family health

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Exploring family health

How can families support healthy living and cope with illness? This free course, Exploring family health, will provide an understanding of what is meant by socialisation. You will recognise how a family can learn and support good and poor health behaviours alongside government interventions, such as the 5 A DAY strategy. Identification of people with Alzheimer's disease is steadily increasing and you will consider key features and research. Caring within a family will be considered through reading about Sheila who cares for her husband and son. Finally, the course will look at the plight of young carers, often hidden from view, and losing part of their childhood due to their caring responsibilities.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand how 'health intervention' is targeted to change family eating habits
  • understand the rise in obesity and how it can be linked to family lifestyles
  • understand how families care for and cope with illness
  • interpret information in graphical form and explore a website for information to support your understanding.

First Published: 04/06/2014

Updated: 22/11/2018

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