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Issues in women’s football

Updated Wednesday, 22 March 2023

In these three audios, Dr Carrie Dunn discusses a number of important areas of women’s football.

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Women’s football, and women’s sport generally, has seen a huge surge in popularity and media coverage. In the three audios that follow, Steph Doehler from The Open University and Carrie Dunn (sports journalist and scholar) discuss various issues that this has brought.

The history of women’s football

Steph and Carrie discuss the development of women’s football including key moments and periods from the 1920s to the 1970s.


Fan engagement in women’s football

Steph and Carrie discuss the differences regarding how fans engage in women’s World Cup tournaments compared to the men’s.


The 2015 Women's World Cup

Steph and Carrie discuss Carrie’s research into the women’s World Cup using the 2015 tournament in Canada as a case study.


These three audios are taken from the free OpenLearn course, The football World Cup: where sport and politics collide. The course discusses both the men’s and the women’s World Cups in detail. 


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