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Author: Simon Rea

Issues in women's health in relation to sport and fitness

Updated Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Explore some themes in women's sport in the following animations.

This content is associated with The Open University's Sport and Fitness courses and qualifications. It is taken from the free OpenLearn course Supporting female performance in sport and fitness.

Breast health

This animation explains some of the key issues around breast health, identifies the impact that poor breast support can have on performance, and discusses the benefits of a good sports bra.

PDF document Transcript 12.1 KB

Pelvic floor health

This animation explains what the pelvic floor is, why athletes are prone to pelvic floor dysfunction, and what can be done to restore function to these muscles.

PDF document Transcript 12.2 KB

The menstrual cycle

This animation introduces the basic physiology of the menstrual cycle, the hormones involved and how this can impact on sport and exercise.

PDF document Transcript 12.6 KB

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