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Applying Psychology to Work Activity

Updated Tuesday, 15 June 2021
Would you like to know more about the resources available in this hub, and how they could help you and/or your organisation? Have a go at this activity to explore new thinking and ideas. 

Thinking About Wellbeing and Change 

Firstly, from the five main themes within the Applying Psychology to Work, we have chosen two of these for you to explore further. This should give you an initial understanding of some of the resources available and will hopefully inspire you to explore more of the whole hub at your leisure! 

The two themes we have chosen are: 

  1. Wellbeing – what happens in, and around, work can affect wellbeing and mental health - what are these psychological effects and what can be done to reduce their impact? 
  1. Change – affects all aspects of working life and greatly impacts on wellbeing - what can be done to minimise the impact of change? 

Exploring the Hub 

For each of these two themes, click on the relevant link below to take you to one of the Articles available within the Applying Psychology to Work Hub. To stimulate your thinking further whilst you are reading this Article, please consider the questions provided in the next section. 

Questions to Ask Yourself 

Is there anything within either of these Articles that you have not considered before? 

How might the ideas in the article help you at work? 

Jot down any areas you would like to find out more about – is there anyone you could chat to about your questions and ideas, such as a colleague or family member? 

Further Exploration 

For each of these two themes, please see further Articles and Short Courses that may interest you below.  


Welcome to the Whole Applying Psychology to Work Hub! 

Within this activity is only a taster of the large range of materials available with the whole hub, so please do feel free to explore further: 

Connecting through LinkedIn 

We would love to continue these conversations with you, by inviting you to connect with us through our Applying Psychology to Work Linkedin Group. Please share any insights you gained from this activity, or any questions you may have on anything related to the hub. We look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas! 


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